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16th Mar 2020

Rathfarnham restaurant offering free daily meals for over 60s

Brian Dillon

Rathfarnham restaurant offering free daily meals for over 60s

A Rathfarnham restaurant is offering free daily meals for over 60s.

Chrysanthemum, a Chinese restaurant found at Old Orchard Inn, Butterfield Ave, gave detail in a Facebook post on Saturday. They wrote:

“If you know that your neighbour is a person aged 60 or above, please inform them of our contact information, and we will arrange to send a free meal every day. (If you have any allergens please inform us of the allergens).

“We provide a delivery service from 4 to 9 o’clock every day. When our food is delivered to your door, our driver will wear a mask and wear gloves to ensure the safety of the food.

“If you are collecting from our restaurant, you only need to park your car and then contact us, and our staff will bring down the food for you.

“If you have an elder in your family (60 or older) we will also provide a daily free meal to them.”

As well as the free daily meals for over 60s, the restaurant is also promising to provide a free meal to all medical staff once the Covid-19 pandemic is a thing of the past:

“We chrysanthemum promise that we will provide a free meal to all medical workers once the virus has been eradicated to show our gratitude.”

Dublin has seen a slew of kind gestures over the past few days.

Today, bags of sandwiches for the homeless appear outside Stephen’s Green Shopping Centre. The bags of O’Brien’s sandwiches were accompanied by a sign which wished homeless people in Dublin a happy St. Patrick’s Day.

Meanwhile, Mak at D6 announced that they are donating all drive-thru service fees to ALONE, a charity that works to care for the elderly.

In Galway, cafes have come together to help feed medical staff.

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