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20th Dec 2016

RTÉ Has FINALLY Responded To The Dean Strang Interview Backlash


When Making A Murderer‘s Dean Strang appeared on The Ray D’Arcy Show, the nation cringed collectively.

Many of the 412,000 viewers who tuned in felt cheated by the interview, feeling it simply went over the same ground as the Netflix series and that the questions were poorly researched.

The Herald reported that RTÉ footed the bill for the lawyer’s flight from Wisconsin in order to take part in the underwhelming interview, and the national broadcaster refused to comment on whether Strang received a fee for his appearance.

A spokesperson for the show had this to say,

Obviously, it is always a challenge to condense a 10-hour documentary series into a much shorter interview and, at all times, Ray was cognisant of the need to help Dean explain the case to those viewers who may not have been aware of the story behind Making a Murderer.

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