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08th Jun 2018

Ryanair Passengers Compare Yesterday’s Flight Confusion To An ‘Episode Of Lost’

Megan Cassidy

Pick a country, any country!

Ryanair passengers have likened a Budapest flight to ‘an episode of Lost’ after diversions left everybody incredibly confused. 

Newstalk reporter Richard Chambers, who was on the flight, tweeted: 

‘So. We were flying to Budapest. Our flight was delayed. There was an announcement to say “Sorry. Budapest is closed. We’re going to land in Bratislava.”

Twenty minutes later we’ve landed.

“Ladies and gentlemen… we’re in Vienna”.’ 

Chambers wrote that ‘not the crew nor the passengers know what’s happening’ and added a photo of a passenger asking security, ‘Where are we’?’ 

Irish author Louise O Neill, who was also on the flight, tweeted: 

“The whole group have been abandoned at passport control. No information, no water. This is an absolute nightmare.

“It”s like it’s going to go slightly Lord of the Flies with the passengers who have…. had a few drinks.”

In a statement to Dublin Live, Ryanair said: 

“Due to a runway closure at Budapest Airport last night (7 June), all arriving aircraft were diverted away from Budapest, including this flight from Dublin.

“The flight was diverted to the nearest available airport and landed normally in Vienna. Due to a shortage of coaches and overnight accommodation customers were advised to source their own onward travel to Budapest and to submit all reasonable travel expenses to Ryanair, where they will be reimbursed.

“Ryanair sincerely apologised to all customers affected by this diversion, which was entirely beyond our control.”

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