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07th Jun 2018

PIC: Simon Harris Replies To Dublin Girl Who Messaged Him At 4am Accidentally

Darragh Berry

When you’re Minister For Health, we’re sure you get loads of emails, tweets, messages and texts directed your way.

It’s probably hard to get back to all of them but when someone slides into your DM’s at 4am in the morning, it’s surely something that doesn’t go unnoticed.

Dubliner, Erica Finn hit Simon Harris with a “you up” message on Wednesday night and immediately confessed to the whole world that she had accidentally sent it to Harris. Don’t believe us? Step right this way.

“Did I you up Simon Harris at 4am?” she asked her followers, hoping that Harris would just let it go under the radar.

Oh he noticed, Erica. He noticed big time. 

“Hey there, it was no problem. Defo wasn’t awake at 4am, the department of health can leave a person pretty tired…” was his reply to the late-night text. 

And if your name is Simon Harris, or Simon and you’re snapping Erica, that message was probably meant for you but the moment has gone.

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