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04th Jul 2024

Simon Cowell wants to team up with Louis Walsh to find next boyband in Dublin


Getting the band back together.

Music mogul Simon Cowell has said he wishes to team up with Louis Walsh to find the next big boyband in Dublin.

The Britain’s Got Talent judge has historically put together some huge boybands including Westlife and One Direction.

The 64-year-old’s next mission is to mine Ireland’s capital city this summer for fresh blood.

Speaking to Newstalk this week, Cowell said he was returning “because I’ve had success in Dublin that was a good reason to come there again.”

Simon Cowell wants to team up with Louis Walsh to find next boyband in Dublin

The record executive recalled his previous successes in Dublin, specifically around one member of One Direction.

“Of course we auditioned Niall [Horan] in Dublin for One Direction and he was so good it felt a natural place to go to do this.”

However, he admits that he would love the help of someone who knows the lay of the land around the Irish capital a little better than himself and wishes to get Louis Walsh on board.

“Louis has done very well putting bands together historically,” he said. “I signed Westlife – they auditioned for me twice in Dublin.

“The first time I said no and I think you need to change the lineup. Second time he did change the lineup slightly and we signed them literally on the spot.”

Simon said he’d like to see Louis Walsh involved with the upcoming Dublin auditions.

“I think Louis should be in Dublin while I’m there; I mean it wouldn’t be the same without him,” he said.

Auditions for men aged between 16 and 18 will take place in Dublin on July 28 and 29.

As well as Dublin, Cowell will also be visiting cities like Liverpool and London, and will be filming a documentary focusing on the boyband search.

This article was originally on written by Simon Kelly.

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