Survey reveals most people would prefer working from home after lockdown

By Brian Dillon

May 11, 2020 at 12:31pm


A survey published by NUIG has revealed that the majority of people working from home would prefer to do so after lockdown restrictions have been lifted.

Over 7,000 people took part in the online questionnaire in late April and early May, half of whom have never worked from home before the coronavirus pandemic.

A significant majority of those who took part said that they would prefer to work from home after the pandemic.

Among the advantages of working from home detailed by those who answered were reduced traffic, greater flexibility and reduced commuting costs.

According to those who participated in the survey, the main barriers that prevented them from previously working from home were the types of tasks that had to be completed, poor broadband and a lack of trusty on behalf of employers.


A number of disadvantages of working from home were also identified, including difficulty in switching off from work, insufficient space for work and reduced contact with their colleagues.

30% of people surveyed said that working from home had increased their productivity while 25% said that working from home had the opposite effect of reducing their levels of productivity.

A whopping 83% of those who took part in the online survey published by NUIG and the Western Development Commission said that they would prefer working from home after lockdown restriction have been lifted.

Before launching the survey, NUIG's Professor Alma McCarthy said:


"Some are finding it very difficult to adjust to remote working with no social contact with colleagues and the need to self-structure their work.

"Others have significant challenges in managing caring responsibilities with work, and yet others are enjoying the absence of the morning and evening commute, and report higher productivity levels."

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