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16th Aug 2017

A Swimming Ban Has Been Put In Place For These Two Popular Dublin Beaches


With the weather starting to pick up outside (following a miserable wet day), you may want to hit the beach and go for a swim.

But bare in mind that you need to avoid two beaches in Dublin.

Sandymount Strand and Velvet Strand in Portmarnock have been declared off-limits, due to possible pollution caused by the torrential downpours. 

Bathing in these two beaches has been prohibited for up to 72 hours due to the risk of deterioration of water quality, caused by combined sewer overflow. 

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Sandymount Strand

Fingal County Council also posted a warning about Velvet Strand, Portmarnock that the beach is open but swimming is to be avoided.

Beach-goers should:

  • Avoid swallowing or splashing water
  • Avoid swimming with an open cut or wound
  • Wash your hands before handling food
  • Avoid swimming if you are pregnant or have a weakened immune system

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