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19th Feb 2018

Dublin Taxi Drivers Are Threatening To Protest Over City Plaza Plan


Taxi drivers have warned that they may protest over a proposed new plan which would ban taxis from the College Green area of Dublin city centre. 

The proposed plan would see the taxi rank at Foster Place near the Central Bank being removed. 

It would also prohibit all forms of traffic, including buses and taxis, from accessing Dame Street via College Green, according to RTÉ.

However, the National Private Hire and Taxi Association (NPHTA) has said that it will consider holding protests if the plan goes ahead.

Jim Waldron, a spokesman for the NPHTA said that there are currently 250 drivers based in Foster Place.

“That’s where they make their living. If their living is going to be taken away from them, they are not going to take it quietly.”

“It’s not what we want to be doing. If we are out protesting on the streets we’re not making any money. We would rather be talking to people, and not just talking but being listened to.”

He added: “Protest would be a last resort.”

“But taxi drivers in that area have their families to consider.”

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