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03rd Apr 2018

The Average Number Of Rainy Days Dublin Has Per Year Is Seriously Grim


Dublin, why you gotta treat us like this? We sing your praises to every person we meet abroad, we indulge in your bars and restaurants and Instagram the shit out of every pretty sight we see, yet still we’re not rewarded with nice weather. 

As in, really, the weather is actually even worse than you think. 

According to, Dublin’s average yearly days of rainfall is enough to make us pack our bags and move sticks to the Sunny South East for cheaper rent and the hopes of it being nice enough to eat a 99 every single day. 

While April is bad enough with 22 days of rain each month, the entire year is even more grim. 

Turns out Dublin gets 271 days of a rain. FFS.

Maybe we really should invest in some proper rain gear…

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