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20th Dec 2016

The ‘Chambers Of The Curious’ Is Coming To Dublin – And Here’s All We Know So Far


So bear with us for a bit, because the details here are pretty sketchy.

But there’s something called the ‘Chamber of the Curious’ coming to Dublin later on this month… and it looks pretty damn intriguing, even if we can’t really decipher much info of the rather cryptic info we were sent about it.

For instance, we’ve been reliably informed that those who enter:

… will be taken on a journey over the tempestuous plains of the cerebellum to the volcanic wilderness of their curiously named ‘Fissure of Rolando’, and invited to reawaken these essential creative parts of the mind, coaxing up a greater sense of interest in the world, and a renewed inquisitive vigour.

See what we mean?


But what do we know, then?

Well, of this much we are certain:

  • It’s a travelling show that’s received massive acclaim recently, and is being brought to these shores by Hendrick’s
  • It’s taking place on Thursday November 26, Friday November 27 and Saturday November 28, at 5.30pm and 8pm each day
  • It takes about three hours to make it through
chamber1 1
  • The location is on Henrietta Street – Strumpet City, baby – but there are buses going from Westmoreland Street
  • It’s basically like one of the Science Gallery’s more batshit crazy exhibitions, but with cocktails served afterwards
  • Tickets go on sale tomorrow at 9am, and can be bought here – they’re expected to go pretty quickly
  • It’s €15 a head, but you get a complimentary Hendrick’s cocktail at the end of it all. Which pretty much pays for itself, in fairness.

How in God’s name we want so desperately to go to something we don’t even know anything about is beyond us. But DAMMIT, they’ve sucked us in.

Let’s do this.