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04th Jan 2018

The Fascinating Habits Of Dublin Taxi Users Have Been Revealed


Unless you have serious willpower when it’s lashing rain outside and you’re late for work, chances are you’ve used a taxi in Dublin. 

Be it on through an app or via old fashioned hailing, there’s millions of taxis in town (that’s a lie, there’s barely any when you actually need one) and now the habits of their passengers (that’s us!) have been revealed. 

Lynk taxi app has released some fascinating insights into Dublin taxis and the habits of people using them, including the biggest lie promised by passengers. 

“I’ll get you a drink inside” has been promised – probs falsely – to mates 100,000 times 

3.7 million selfies have been taken in the back of Dublin taxis 

1.9 million coffee cups have been left behind 

One driver even found an engagement ring had been left in his car…

The average wait time for a taxi is eight minutes and 13 seconds, the M50 is the busiest road and the average fare in Dublin will cost you €18. 

Woah. We really are taxi obsessed in this city. 

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