The Irish Guy From 'Harry Potter' Blew His Money On Booze, Cars And Girls

It was revealed by his mother in court yesterday...

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Seamus Finnegan, you dark horse.

Devon Murray, the actor who played the Irish character in the Harry Potter series of films, is embroiled in a case at the High Court at the moment as his former agent suing him for a whopping €286,000.

Murray made €1 million over the course of eight Potter films, which he ended up squandering on drinks, cars and girls, as his mother revealed in a closing statement yesterday, according to the Irish Examiner

The 27-year-old's former agent Neil Brooks claimed the performer tried to unlawfully break his contract, and in typical Seamus fashion, it blew up in his face.

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Murray claimed that the agent was dismissed after photos leaked to papers of him smoking on set, he also found it difficult to get hold of his agent and stated that on several occasions he had failed to arrange for drivers to transport him to the airport. 

A decision on the payment of the €286,000 is expected to come this afternoon.

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