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08th Apr 2017

The Tropical Popical Gals Need The People Of Dublin’s Help – And Here’s Why


It’s a sad state of affairs when the absolute dream gals in Tropical Popical are in a tizz. 

Anyone who’s had the pleasure of being in their salon knows the sheer tranquility of the bubblegum-hued, flamingo-clad and tropical-themed paradise. 

And what’s something that sets them apart from the rest?


Ah, yes. The sparkling drink that just keeps on giving. 

But, shock horror, it appears Lilt can no longer be found in Dublin! The Tropettes took to Twitter to announce their horror-story:

The post says:

”Yes, Orla looks terrified here and rightly so. She’s holding what seems to be the last drop of Lilt in Ireland. We’ve scoured all our usual suppliers, wholesalers, you name it… and it’s as scarce as Kylie Lip Kits on release day. What. Are. We. Going. To. Do?? We’re going to have to start a Lilt watch. If you spot it in a city centre retailer, let us know. A totally tropical drought is imminent.”

Well, can you help out the girls? Have you any idea where the elixir of life is stocked?

If so, do let us know in the comments. We’re only sweatin’ to help them out.

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