This Dublin Establishment Gives Food To The Homeless Every Single Night

Working side-by-side with the incredible people at The Simon Community

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The days are getting shorter and the nights colder, and the people without a home in this city are suffering the most.

Many businesses around the world choose not to give out food to the homeless for fears of contamination and legal cases - but, one establishment in Dublin rises above the rest in terms of this however, and that establishment is The Church Bar, Club & Restaurant in Dublin 1. 

We heard the news of these incredibly good deeds on the grapevine, as The Church doesn't broadcast this news neither far nor wide. 

Their kind actions have been going on for three whole years.

We spoke to the Darren Moore, the General Manager at The Church and he had this to say about their actions:

Around three years ago our head chef was approached by a friend. They had been a volunteer with the Simon Community and asked us would we be able to provide soup on a weekly basis. They had previously been getting it from another premises which was no longer in business and had changed hands. 

We immediately said yes and on a weekly basis provide flasks of soup that the volunteers then give to the many people that find themselves sleeping rough exposed to the elements. We have never talked or highlighted it simply because its a very small contribution and the volunteers with the Dublin Simon community and the rest of the volunteers deserve every single bit of praise. 

We try also to look after the staff and volunteers when we can with social events. We are happy to talk about it now in the hope that other Dublin based businesses can also contribute in some way to help these amazing people in doing the work helping those most in need on a daily basis. 

The Church uses wholesome, honest-to-goodness food, and do all they can to try to help those less fortunate than themselves. 

They do all of this in partnership with The Simon Community, one of Ireland's most prominent homeless charities. 

We just thought this was an incredible move on their behalf, and wanted to highlight it in an effort to spread awareness and hopefully get others on board.

And we wanted to share a hugely warm and hearty thank you to both The Church and The Simon Community.

What a wonderful thing to hear in the run up to Christmas. 

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