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05th Sep 2017

This Dublin University Has Banned A Certain Item From Their Gym


It has become the norm to see the all too occasional gym and mirror selfie while your friends are working out. 

It’s just a given in this day and age.

People upload their photos all across social media to show them ‘getting the gains’ but now if you attend this gym you may have to say goodbye to your much loved phone.

Dublin City University (DCU) posted the news to the DCU Sports Complex Facebook page this morning reminding all members that phones and cameras are forbidden.

While the rule has been in place for quite a while now they wanted to take to remind their members that it’s a big no-no in their sports complex. 

They said use of your mobile phone could lead to the ‘termination of your membership’. 

So be aware!

They posted their statement saying, “Please be aware that using any kind of camera devices including phones are strictly forbidden in the facilities. 

“This is to protect the privacy of all individuals who use our facilities. If you experience any issue in the gym in relation to this, please alert a member of staff.”

They ended their post with a hilarious meme.

It’s time to say goodbye to those work out selfies…

Do you know anyone who is keen to taking a gym mirror selfie?

Tag them below!

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