This Infographic Shows Just How Much The Irish Are Spending On Their Takeaways

Spoiler: it's a lot.

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Reckon your takeaway habit is out of control? Well we're here to tell you just how much you're contributing to the Irish economy every time you order a 3-in-1.

Y'know, to save you the guilt and legitimise treating yo'self every now and then...

A new report on the Irish takeaway sector produced by DKM Economic Consultants, and commissioned by JUST EAT, has revealed just how much the takeaway sector adds to the Irish economy. in Ireland. 

The DKM analysis found that the takeaway industry is directly responsible for 24,900 direct jobs in 2,995 establishments selling takeaway food. With direct, indirect and induced employment considered there are 29,100 jobs supported by the takeaway sector in Ireland.

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You can download the full report here.

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