This Is Officially The 'Most Unsatisfying' Mode Of Transport In Dublin

Infrequent services, lack of value for money and poor timing were among their reasoning...


A new survey conducted by the National Transport Authority has revealed that customer satisfaction for users of the DART is the lowest of any other mode of public transport in the city.

The survey found that overall, nine out of 10 users of public transport are satisfied with the overall public transport service in Dublin.

However, only 84% of DART users reported that they were satisfied with the service, followed by Bus Éireann, with which 85% said they were satisfied.

The service with the highest customer satisfaction ranking was the Luas (98%), followed by Dublin Bus (92%).

The survey found that the main factor which lead to dissatisfaction was timing. 

A total of 21% of DART users were unhappy with the timing of the service, with just 17% saying they were happy with it.

Dissatisfaction with value for money, infrequent services on weekends, and the frequency of services from a user’s stop were also among reasons for DART users being unsatisfied.

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