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02nd Sep 2018

The Most Popular Chinese Takeaway Dishes In Dublin Have Been Revealed


The mere mention of what Chinese dishes to order for dinner can tear families apart, leave friends friendless and turn couples into singles… Whether your go-to is a hearty chow mein, tangy lemon chicken or szechuan pork accompanied by heaps of egg fried rice, you’re sure to find something you can agree on in Dublin.

Deliveroo has just revealed the most popular Chinese dishes to order in Dublin (and that last year Deliveroo’s Irish customers ate enough prawn crackers to fill an Olympic size swimming pool, twice!)

To celebrate the Year Of The Dog, you’ve gotta try one of these delish deliveries…

  • Duck Yuk Sung from Hang Dai (Dublin)
  • Chicken Noodles from Wok in Noodle (Dublin)
  • Siu Mei from Orchid (Dublin)

  • Chicken Satay from Chai Yo (Dublin)
  • Crispy Chicken from Q’s Creative Asian Dining (Dublin)

We’re thinking for the day that’s in it we might just go with Duck Pancakes…

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