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This Movie Extras Company Is Casting For A Video But You Have To Be Willing To Do This…

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Have you ever wanted the chance to shine in front of the camera? Well, today could be your lucky day as MovieExtras put up a notice for their latest casting roles… But there’s a slight catch.

The notice says that they “are casting for a professional training video”, which is “for a workplace training purposes only and will not be for public viewing.”

Hmm, why not for public viewing you ask? It could have something to do with this:

May include full frontal nudity on camera.” 

Yep – that would explain it. The role is paid (€800, not too shabby, but it would take more than that for many peeps), but we reckon the whole nude thing is a pretty big deal-breaker.

The good news though, is that they’re looking for both guys and gals, ages 20-37, so you’ve a fairly high chance of fitting the requirements.

What do you think – do you know someone who would be perfect for this role?

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