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This Nasty Bin Habit May Land You A Hefty Fine In This Town In Dublin

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A new scheme aimed at catching people who stick general rubbish into free recycling bin bags is to be tested on up to 12,000 householders in Fingal, County Dublin. 

According to Dublin Live, cameras have been put inside bin lorries, which will record what comes out of individual green bins when their contents are tipped into the vehicle.

A chip is set to be installed into the bins to identify the waste inside, and from which house it came.

Incorrect bin users will be penalised by a small fine if found. And according to the Irish Times, if the behaviour continues on, fines will grow larger and larger, and ultimately the company will stop collecting the rubbish altogether. 

Panda Waste Management prompted the scheme, following the realisation that 40% of waste collected for recycling isn’t actually recyclable. 

John Dunne, Domestic Director of Panda said: 

“It’s a Dublin problem. For every 100 tons that comes in here for recycling, 40 tons is pure sh*te –nappies, clothes, food and garden waste – there’s no other word for it. All stuff that doesn’t belong there. We’ve had dead dogs put in recycling bins.”

The new scheme could be put in place as early as March or April.

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