This Swastika In A Window Near O'Connell Street Has Thankfully Been Removed

What the hell was this all about

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It takes one idiot to ruin a city's good vibes.

And earlier this weekend, that idiot was spotted – displaying a swastika in a window facing on to a street just off O'Connell Street.

The response on Twitter was one of outrage

... followed by a response that varied between the moronic and the satirical

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We contacted the guards to have the flag taken down immediately – because there is no room for this sort of bullshit in our capital city. 

And thankfully, when we sent a reporter down earlier on today, the flag had disappeared

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Back to normality, then.

But a worrying reminder that there's an ugly underbelly lurking within this city – and if this is anything to go by, they're not shy about publicising their views.

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Niall Harbison

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