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07th Mar 2017

This Tesco Express In Dublin Is One Of The Most Raided Stores In Ireland


The Tesco Express at Cardiffsbridge Road, Finglas, has had such a regular recent string of robberies that it has become one of the most raided stores in the country.

Since December 2016, the store has been targeted by armed robbers five times, including two robberies which occurred in the space of just three days.

The Gardai have had to implement a special policing operation in order to protect the store, and the Tesco store has upgraded its security, even closing early in a bid to prevent the attacks.

A source told the Herald that “staff have been left traumatised and the community is very concerned.

“People just cannot believe that these robberies are happening at such a rate.”

The latest robbery was last Monday, when two men entered the store armed with hammer and a crowbar.

Previous burglars have all been armed, with weapons including a steering lock and wheel brace, a hatchet, and a wrench.

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