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20th Dec 2016

Tragic News As Tayto Crisps Is Now In The Hands Of German Owners


We bring you very sad news today, as the most Irish brand there is has just come under German control.

The founder of Largo foods (which owns the Tayto brand) Ray Coyle will sell his 25% stake to Germany’s Intersnack, he will however be staying on as chairman and a director at Largo foods until at least 2017. This deal will give Intersnack full control of the company.

While nothing much is going to change from day to day, it just doesn’t feel the same having our crisps owned by the Germans. The banks and huge debts hanging over us we can deal with, but our crisps? That’s a step too far.


Is this now Zee crisp zandwhich

How could you do this to us Mr Tayto, you sell out!


The only small bit of good news is that Coyle will keep control of the amazing Tayto Park which continues to grow, with over 500,000 visitors this year and a new wooden rollercoaster

At least we beat them in the football last month. You can’t have everything Germany!

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