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21st Feb 2018

VIDEO: Footage Shows Cyclist Bashed By Car Turning Into Garda Station

Darragh Berry

Footage claimed by the Daily Mail (video can be found in the link) shows a cyclist being sent flying after a collision with a car that was turning into a Garda Station. 

The cyclist looks like he’s wearing a woolly hat but no helmet and smacks into the passenger door of the Toyota.

The publication reports that the car was allegedly being driven by a uniformed police officer.

A man by the name of Joey Boland captured the footage on his dashcam on Friday as he was sitting outside the Sundrive Garda Station in Dublin.

According to Joey, the car was being driven by a Garda who called for an ambulance after he took the cyclist into the station. 

In a statement on the matter issued to the Irish Mirror, Gardaí state that: “Gardaí in Sundrive Road are investigating a collision between a cyclist and a car that occurred on February 16, 2018 at approximately 3.04pm.

“A male in his 30s was treated at the scene. We can confirm that the car was not an unmarked Garda vehicle.”

The spokesman declined to comment on whether the vehicle was being driven by a Garda.

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