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21st Aug 2017

WATCH: €250 Per Month Can Get You This Manmade Bunkbed In A Living Room In Crumlin


€250 per month is a far cry from what most of us pay each month as part of our rent in Dublin. 

But for those of you with that budget in mind, who were keen to live in Crumlin – we’ve got just the ticket!

A man-made bunk bed in the living room of a three-bedroom house has just become available for €250 per month, with just six other housemates. Score. 

UCD Student Katie Ascough went undercover to highlight this particular property in Crumlin, in an attempt to warn students about what they can expect from the private rental sector.

Commenting on her experience of the Crumlin property, Ascough said: 

“We went to a place in Crumlin where a bed was going for €250 a month. When we got there, we saw that the bed was located in the living room above the couch.”

“It was a man-made bunk bed. Basically, a grill of metal bars propped up by a cheap, DIY timber frame. It was in the living room because six other people were sharing the three available bedrooms.”

“The place was an example of the lengths people are going to in Dublin. You have to go to ridiculous lengths to have an affordable rent if you’re not able to cough up €1,500 per month, which is the average rent in the city. An average rent beyond the reach of the average student and a lot of workers.”

This campaign accompanies UCDSU’s work on their project with TCD Students’ Union and to increase the amount of digs on the market – which are generally of a higher standard than most apartments available to students. 

For more information on the campaign, check out the UCDSU website.

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