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13th Jan 2022

“We need as much help as we can get” Portmarnock coffee truck robbed overnight

Katy Thornton

Aventura Café are appealing to the public to help in any way that they can to recover their stolen goods.

Portmarnock coffee truck Aventura took to Instagram to share with their followers that they had been robbed last night.

We woke up with the worst nightmare made a reality today… We have been robbed at our Portmarnock Station unit so we won’t be able to open until we can sort all this mess.”

They asked the public to share images of their coffee machine, which is just one of the items stolen. They hope that someone may recognise it if the people who took the machine then try to sell it on. The people who broke in also wrecked the inside of the truck in the process; Aventura shared images of the destruction.

The Portmarnock café shared their frustration at the break in, stating in their post:

Today 3 of our team won’t be able to work for a while and will have to clean a mess that they don’t deserve, today we can’t serve our community and today we have been humiliated just for some idiots that wanted quick money!

The coffee machine was a rare LaSpaziale S9 and while Aventura work with the Gardaí, they ask that people share the image in the meantime. Our thoughts are with the Aventura team as they clean up a mess that they didn’t make and was entirely beyond their control.

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