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20th Dec 2016

10 Ridiculous Gadgets Lazy People Are Using In Their Kitchens


Maybe it is because I am a chef and I like doing things the right, way but I’ve been getting annoyed by seeing some ridiculous kitchen gadgets of late that are on sale to help the budding home cook. You’d have to think that most of these are gimmicks and that they’d only ever be used once or for a laugh but the simple truth is that somebody somewhere has produced these in the hope of getting rich and thinking they are a great idea! Have a look and see what you think and let us know if you would actually use them?

The Spaghetti Measurer

Do you find it super hard to figure out how much spaghetti to cook and always end up with too much or too little? Fear no more as you can either get the right number of portions or even use the “hungry as a horse” option on this handy tool!


The Banana Slicer

Given that peeling a banana is one of the hardest tasks that you’ll ever have to complete in the kitchen it is only natural that somebody would come up with a tool that saves you from all the work that is slicing up a banana!


Holy Guacamole

Avocados can be tricky slimy little bastards to prepare but this little tool will help you with every step of the process from peeling, to taking the stone out and right through to slicing it up. 


The Cookie Spoon

The Dipr comes to us straight from America where kids are having huge trouble just dipping their cookies into their milk normally and need their own special tool for the job. Comes in a range of colours as well which is super handy! 

Pizza Scissors

Portioning up a pizza is one of the hardest tasks you will ever face in the kitchen but luckily somebody is way ahead of you and has the perfect tool that lets you slice the pizza into even sized pieces. Thank god for that!


Eat Me Crunchy Cereal Bowl

Have you ever been half asleep slowly eating your cereal in the morning when you caught yourself wishing there was a solution to make it more crunchy? Fear not this bowl is the solution for you as it slowly releases the milk so as you don’t end up with a soggy bowl of yuck. 


Portable Toaster

I often find myself in the car, on a train or out and about wishing I could have a slice of toast but unfortunately with no toaster at hand. All I’ll have to do now is charge this portable toaster up in advance, bring some bread with me and I could be eating toast at any time or place of of choosing! Amazing. 


Sauce Dispensing Chopsticks

Although most of the items on this list are a complete joke I could actually see myself using this one! I’m not sure how practical they would be but nobody can deny that getting the right amount of sauce onto your sushi is one of the great problems in life! 


The Double Masher

Mashing potatoes by hand is of course the best way to do it but you always seem to end up with a couple of lumps no matter what. The good news is that with this double masher you half the amount of work and chance of lumps. Boom! 


Cooking Goggles

Lets face it cooking is a pretty dangerous occupation with hot pans, splashing oil and even the threat of tears coming from peeling onions. No need to worry any longer though because with these goggles you will be well prepared the next time you go in and boil an egg. Rather safe than sorry!