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07th Feb 2022

RIP Tripod, you would have loved Tír’s smoked pumpkin sambo

Fiona Frawley

exterior of a grey brick building behind the harcourt luas - used to be tripod

Is there an elder millennial in the Greater Dublin Area who doesn’t hold a special place in their hearts for Tripod?

When I close my eyes I can still smell the sweetness of the vodka-and-burn combo which consistently permeated the place, feel the sticky patches underfoot and the condensation dripping from the exposed brick walls. I can see the Facebook wall stacked with “glist? x” comments for Tripod’s cool little cousin, Crawdaddy, and picture 18 year old me doing all I could to convince everyone around me that I was the long lost seventh cast member of Skins. A special time in all of our lives.

This week, popular Baggot Street sambo spot Tír opened their hotly anticipated second shop in the space that used to be Tripod, and the shutter shades and sweat patches were replaced with sourdough lovingly filled with seasonal ingredients.

Tripod regulars hung up their dancing shoes back in 2012 so to be fair, it’s great that the Harcourt Street haunt is now being used to keep the people of D2 in sambos and salads. However, one can’t help but shed a tear for the days of yore, which in Ireland means days of predrinking to obliteration and refusing point blank to attend a night out without a steady supply of glow sticks in your bag.

I’m not gonna lie, I’m feeling my age today. While I’m more than partial to a Tír trip at lunchtime, I know my digital camera won’t go to as much use as it did once upon a time and LCD Soundsystem aren’t likely to be blaring as I order my winter veg salad bowl. It’s like in And Just Like That when Carrie gets a cool, hot downstairs neighbour that makes her feel old, but my cool, hot neighbour is actually an artisan deli specialising in fermentation and curing. I might start a petition for one last club night lined with white leather couches in Tír’s new space, for a treat. More as I have it.

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