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24th Apr 2019

This Is My Biggest Pet Peeve When Dining In Dublin Restaurants

Éadaoin Fitzmaurice

Working in Lovin Dublin you can only imagine how many times a week I eat in cafes and restaurants.

Hint: more than I’d like to admit to.

The more you dine however, the more you learn. I’ve learned so much about the food industry, flavour combinations, skills and presentation. I thought I was passionate about food before I started here but let me tell you now, it’s everything to me. People often ask me if I get fed up of eating in Dublin, the answer is no, every restaurant and every dish brings a new wave of excitement.

I like to look at the positives when I’m reviewing a place, I see no need to bash a small family-run business. I can only imagine how tough it is, so constructive criticism is always my way in articles. However, there is one thing that has happened the last few times I’ve been out in various different places and I have to admit, it boils my blood.

The other week my friend and I met up for a meal. We ordered a tapas-style meal that came out with a few small plates and larger main dishes. We tucked in and I worked my way through the delicious looking treats on the plates before me. I picked up a piece of food, it was on a plate that was garnished with sauce and various leafy and nutty bits. I fully intended on dabbing it back in the sauce as I munched but as I turned to my friend a long arm went straight across her face and grabbed the plate.

I looked at the wonderfully saucy plate being taken away before my eyes and looked down at my now very dry piece of food – shite. 

We continued to chat and eat and as we did, plates were being continuously lifted, which I found infuriating. At one point I had to almost pull the plate back out of the waitresses hands to ask her not to move it as I was still eating off of it.

Why can’t they just leave us be and gather all of the dishes once we’re finished?

Take two: Last week a group of friends and I headed for dinner in a well-known restaurant. We all sat at a long table and as soon as someone sat back in their chair their plate was gone. I’m a very slow eater and it’s something I often feel conscious of when dining with friends. The fact that I had to sit eating off the only plate that remained at the table for about fifteen minutes was super uncomfortable for everyone involved.

Maybe it’s because I eat out quite a bit that I’ve noticed this weird habit or maybe it actually has gotten worse. All I know is that I loath it.

When I’m having a meal I don’t want to be interrupted dozens of times by hands flying across the table scooping up half-finished dishes. I want to be able to engage with my friend as if we are in our own little world. I know I’m not the only one who feels this way.

It’s honestly my biggest pet peeve in any restaurant and it ruins the experience of the meal for me.

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