21 Photos That Prove You Need To Visit Glendalough Immediately

Less than 30 minutes from Dublin

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There are times in Dublin when you start thinking that there is nothing to do here apart from go to the pub and drink pints. We all fall into that trap, but we wanted to prove how wrong that thinking is by taking a look at the gorgeous Glendalough.

Merely a 30-minute drive from Dublin, we're blessed to have one of the most beautiful national parks on the planet right on our doorstep. We thought we'd highlight 21 of your best photos taken there to illustrate just how beautiful this place is.

Time to plan a trip there this weekend...

Perfect reflections

You'll always find somewhere nice to rest

No matter what angle you see it from, this place is stunning

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Even the houses here look amazing

You can create the perfect pose that nobody will ever see

Your four-legged friend will absolutely love it here too

Under the stars

You'll always find somewhere to stop for a nice drink

You'll find loads of hidden paths to wander

History is all around you

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You'll get one of the most gorgeous photo backdrops ever

The place looks like an oil painting

The colours are constantly changing

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A truly magical place

A great place for a dip

It's also a dream location for photographers

Even the larger animals are super friendly here

You'll feel like you're on a movie set

There are loads of gorgeous waterfalls

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When santa got stuck in the waterfall

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The wildlife comes in all shapes and sizes

It really is the perfect place to get away from it all

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