PIC: The Greatest Sign Ever Has Just Been Spotted Outside The Bernard Shaw Pub

Absolute truth

Rubberbandits Nov Main

Rubberbandits became the unofficial spokesperson for young Irish people in the early noughties.

Especially Blindboy Boatclub who became a frequent spokesperson for mental health and appeared on various television shows to talk about anything from 'post-truth' to his book which features the story about De Valera and Collins having 'Arse Children'.

Even their words became part of people's vocabulary all around the country.

None more so than the word 'yurt'.

What does 'yurt' mean?

It can mean anything basically from 'yes' to expressing your excitement to do something or even an Irish version of 'YOLO'.

"Why did you go on the beer for the last five days even though you had so much work to do? 'Yurt'"

And someone decided to make a slogan out of the word and hang it up on the outside of the Bernard Shaw.

We couldn't agree more.

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Darragh Berry

Darragh is a Mayo GAA fan for all his sins. He taught himself how to play guitar at the age of 11 and hasn't stopped playing Wonderwall since. Gets lost on the streets of Dublin as frequently as Mayo lose All-Ireland Finals. Contact - darragh@lovin.com