These 24 Photos Prove That This Is The Most Stunning Part Of Dublin During Autumn

Oh hey, North Dublin, you're lookin' well

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I consider the Glasnevin/Dumcondra area as one of the most stunning parts of Dublin. 

Having lived there for three years while studying in DCU, I got to know the area like the back of my hand. 

From the Botanic Gardens and Griffith Avenue to Albert College Park and The Tolka flowing throughout – it's a really gorgeous place on the Northside. And it looks even better in Autumn. 

Take a moment to appreciate what I consider to be the prettiest part of Dublin:

1. The stunning skies over Croker 

2. Our favourite street in Dublin – the never-ending Griffith Avenue 

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3. Dem leaves though

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4. Some evening sun peeking through the tress 

5. Dubin's trademark redbrick looks ten times better in Autumn 

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6. That sky looks like an oil painting 

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7. If every stroll looked like this...

8. Check out that sunrise

9. There's something about orange, green and yellow that is just so aesthetically pleasing 

10. Colour, colour everywhere 

11. Happy pooches 

12. Griffith Ave, you're just too much 

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13. So pretty

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14. The Botanic Gardens completely transforms in autumn

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15. A lil squirrel in the gardens 

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16. And anotha one 

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17. Looking festive on Botanic Ave

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18. Oh hey, Albert College

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19. The leaves themselves are artwork 

20. This shade of red = autumn

21. The benches of Drumcondra Road 

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22. A small pumpkin for a euro! Bargain.

23. Is that sky REAL?!

24. The sun streaming in across Glasnevin Cemetery


Header image: Adrian Weckler / @adrianweckler

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Alana Laverty

Just a Galway gal eating and writing her way around Dublin / @alanalav