This Hilarious Prank Show Set In Dublin Airs On Telly Tonight

Get the popcorn ready for 10:30 #TMI

If Punk'd and YouTube have taught us anything it's that errrbody loves a good prank. 

And TMI masters just that. 

In a nutshell: using a live feed from the control room directly to the street, the research team identifies the 'target', gathers their personal information from their social media pages, and then passes it on via ear piece to the pranksters on the street.

It will really make you think twice about how much you're posting online...

The first episode airs on RTÉ 2 tonight, get ready. 

Starring comedians Alison Spittle and Alison Ring, Ciara from the Chris and Ciara Show on 2fm and Dermot Ward from Facts. on Youtube – we can't imagine a better line up of truly gas people.

If these clips are anything to go by – it's gonna be gas. 


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