This Bray Pub Is Decorated Like 'Stranger Things' For Halloween

This is class

Stranger Harbour

Stranger Things was one of the biggest Netflix hits of the year, so you can expect many a costume inspired by the show this Halloween, and it seems one Bray spot is already prepared for this eventuality.

The Harbour Bar, who won best pub at this year's Lovin Dublin Restaurant Awards, has painted the alphabet on one of their walls and hung a set of fairy lights under it to look the Byers' living room, where our heroes communicated with Will when he was trapped in the Upside Down (if you haven't watched the show this whole paragraph will have sounded like absolute gibberish to you).

The decorations look pretty much spot on...

If you're a lover of Stranger Things, Halloween, and great pubs with cosy fires, you pretty much have to stop by The Harbour Bar this month.  

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