7 Quick And Comforting Recipes For A Perfect Duvet Day

Let us comfort you with an excess of carbohydrates and a complete absence of judgement


We sense you need comfort right now.

It's Sunday. It's freezing. Maybe you're hungover. You're hungry, but you're also lazy. 

But we're going to cheer you up with these quick and comforting recipes for a perfect duvet day.

1. Super Posh Late Brunch With Leek And Potato Cakes

You've been moving at your own pace all day (a sloth-like pace, that is), so your schedule is a little off. Catch up on the brunch you missed with this savage recipe.


2. Fish Pie With Cheesy Leek Topping

This is a really filling dinner, and it's perfect for the dreary day like this.


3. Open Sandwich With Smoked Chicken, Sun Dried Tomato And Pine Nuts

Here we have a nice sandwich that looks pretty fancy, but it's quick to throw together and it's a proper feed.


4. Cheese Fest: Easy Peasy Smokey Bacon Mac 'n' Cheesy

Unhealthy? Perhaps. Delicious? You know it.


5. Sizzling Beef Quesadillas

Because you need something hot in your belly on this gloomy day and this is just the ticket.


6. The Most Effective Hangover Cure Ever - The Fish Finger Buttie

This is so simple yet so perfect.


7. Fantastic French Onion Soup - The Perfect Comfort Food

It's essentially a hug in a bowl.


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