This Aer Lingus Pilot Hilariously Welcomed Irish Fans Aboard A Plane To Edinburgh

"If you look out to your left you'll see a lonely prison wall..."

*slow claps* 

This is very good. 

This plane full of excited RBS 6 Nations goers got a real treat as their captain welcomed them aboard their flight to Edinburgh. 

I'd just like to welcome you aboard this flight to Edinburgh.

Conditions today are nice and clear. 

If you look out to your left, you'll see a lonely prison wall. 

Passengers seated to the right meanwhile can watch the small free birds fly. 

We'll shortly be attaining our cruising altitude over the field of Athenry at which time our love will be on the wing and our cabin crew will come around with dreams and songs to sing. 

What a legend. 

Video: Aer Lingus 

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Alana Laverty

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