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18th Jul 2018

PIC: A Dublin Bus Was Packed Today And This Passenger Got Really Squished

Darragh Berry

We don’t mean to laugh at this but we can’t help but think about the pain every time the door opens.

You know the pain of 5:30pm Dublin buses as much as we do. They’re going to be packed, you’re going to be up someone’s ass and someone’s going to be inside your bubble whether you like it or not.

Some people try to cheat their way out of it by standing on the steps of the stairs which makes it hard for people from upstairs to get off.

But nobody has ever dared to step over the white line on the bus to get a bit of space.

Except this guy…

Dublin Bus Squashed

Reddit user, Writemare posted this photo on the site with the caption “When your bus is full and you stand in the doorway”.

We do pity his poor face everytime that door opens but that’s what happens when you pass the precious white line to get some space (while the door is closed) and enter the jungle deep.

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