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23rd Dec 2018

PICS: This Dublin Proposal Is The Cutest And Most Thoughtful One Ever

Darragh Berry

We’re not crying, YOU’RE CRYING.

A girl by the name of Laura Donnelly got in touch with us to tell the story of how her now fiancé, Tom, proposed.

“Tom planned it all with my dad. It started off with Tom waking me up in the U.K. at 4 am saying we needed to pack a bag were we going on a trip.

“I was excited and shocked I had like 30mins to get ready. We drive to the train station in Coventry which takes us to Birmingham International. We arrive at the Aer Lingus desk and I then realise we are going to Dublin.

“We arrive in Dublin and get a taxi to the Gresham – where we though we were staying but breakfast first. So we go into the hotel and Tom and my Dad say go ahead and get breakfast we will sort the bags out.

“So my mum and I go and get breakfast and when we get back to the table no one was there but a letter left on the table. I open the letter…”

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“So we go shopping around town and make our way to the Shelbourne – it was raining and we got totally wet and looked like drowned rats.

“Once we were there we were waiting thinking they were going to meet us but one of the hotel staff came to us and said are you Laura, I replied yes and he said follow me. He took us to the hotels spa where another note awaited us.”

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“We had a lovely back massage and facial and some time in the relaxation room. Once finished the masseuse handed me another note.”

“Now all greasy from our massage and still looking like drowned rats we went to the Merrion and again a staff member met us and showed us and this time showed us to our room where another note awaited me.”

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“40 minutes to get myself and my mum ready to get our hair and make up done !!! We managed it, just. And made our way to the lobby. A staff member met us and said there was a surprise outside.”

“We walked outside and found a horse and cart waiting for us”

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“We go the short distance to st Stephens green where I was shocked to see my dad waiting for us

“We get out of the horse and cart and my dad says you have to go over there and pointed to the gates of st Stephens green.

“We start to cross the road and I see Tom standing there and I could tell he wanted to cry

“He is holding a gift in his hands and he tells me to open it”

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It was a book about our 10 years together and the final page said “will you marry me?”

“And obviously I said yes.”

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What a story.