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20th Dec 2016

PICS: The Repeal The 8th Mural In Temple Bar Is Being Removed Right Now


The Repeal The 8th mural on the Project Arts Centre in Temple Bar is being removed right now.

The centre’s staff were forced to take down the artwork by renowned street artist Maser after they were issued with a notice from the Dublin City Council Planning Department stating that the work was in violation of the Planning & Development Acts (2000-2015).

Respecting the legal position of the council, the centre is now removing the mural. 

Mural 1
Mural 2
Mural 3
Mural 6
Mural 5
Mural 4

Since the creation of the piece, the Project Arts Centre has received 50 letters of complaint and over 200 letters of support from TDs, senators, Dublin city councillors, and members of the general public.

Speaking of the public’s response, Sarah Pierce, Chair of the Board of Project Arts Centre, said in an official statement,

It is a reminder that art matters. Art summons us to engage with the issues of our day, which this work does admirably. It is a creative, generative example of what it means to care about the society we live in.

The Project Arts Centre is now exploring the possibility of using official channels, with the help of Maser and The HunReal Issues, to re-install the mural.

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