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08th Jan 2017

The 10 Best Photos Spotted On #LovinDublin This Week


Every week you guys tag thousands of photos using #lovindublin over on Instagram and they help us see the city from a very different perspective. 

We wanted to round up the ten best of the week and share them with you here today. 

With the Christmas behind us people are all out being healthy, finding cheap ways to entertain themselves and enjoying the slightly longer days. Don’t forget to keep tagging your photos using #lovindublin and follow some of the amazing photographers below to brighten up your feed.

1. The Baily lighthouse in Howth looking incredible

2. Gorgeous reflections on the canal

3. The last couple of days of the gorgeous Dublin Christmas lights

4. Has the Luas ever looked this sexy?

5. Glendalough looking insanely well

6. All of the colours

7. A gorgeous evening as seen in black and white along the quays

8. A moment of quiet reflection

9. A sunny start to the year

10. Some long exposure trickery we loved

Header image: @pauliedublin 

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