VIDEO: Cyclist Has Extreme Near-Miss With Dublin Bus On Busy Road

Footage shows the encounter was "too close for comfort."

Cyclist Dublin Bus Near Miss

This is cyclist had a very close encounter with a Dublin Bus on Thursday morning.

Chris Morgan shared the clip on his Twitter which shows just how close the bus came to his bike while he was heading towards Leeson Street Upper at peak-morning traffic time...

Chris tweeted the footage and tagged Dublin Bus in the tweet saying that it was "a bit too close for comfort again."

The reason he says, 'again' is because Chris also had another near-miss with a Dublin Bus back at the end of June.

He also posted a screenshot - which can be seen above - of the position of the Dublin Bus and the front wheel of his bike as the bus passed.

Dublin Bus did, however, get in touch with Chris and told him to fill out a webform on their website about the incident.

Chris said that the webform would not let him upload the video though.

This is the video from the end of June which shows two buses passing Chris out, one is a Dublin Bus, the other is not.

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