Goggle Pox - Episode 1

Scarleh! me and Chanto from Giz a laugh scoffin wheelies and watchin the telly, hack of me swear, that Anto pox got me make up from some dope at the door and burned the face of off me!Dublin drone footage kindly provided Kian Ringwood Aerial Photography and video by Taller Stories xox

Posted by Dublin Hun on Thursday, 25 February 2016

This Is What An Irish Version Of 'Gogglebox' Would Be Like

"You know when Graham comes out, shit's going down. You know shit's gonna get emotional"

Just as Channel 4 hits Come Dine With Me and First Dates, Gogglebox has found its Irish incarnation. Well, in parody-form at least.

Created by Nikita AKA Dublin Hun (but really known as Aoife Dooley) and Chanto (Enya Martin), Gogglepox follows the familiar format of friends sitting on the couch watching TV and providing commentary – with a Dublin twist.

As you'd expect, it makes for riveting viewing.

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