This Video Perfectly Sums Up Every Craft Beer Knob You Know

Is anyone even sure what a hop actually tastes like?

We all know someone who is obsessed with craft beers. 

Craft beers are starting to take over and the humble drafts of days gone past have been replaced by wankily-named IPAs, brown ales, cream ales, and every other type of ale.

Following hot on the heels of the craft beer awakening have been hipster bars with way too many lamps and notions coming out the arse.

This new sketch from Foil Arms and Hog perfectly sums up every hipster that thinks themselves a craft beer connoisseur.

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Written By

Louise Donnery

Louise is a writer here at Lovin Dublin. She is a Dublin gal, born and raised, lives nearly entirely on a diet of tapas and can be regularly spotted in popular watering holes around the city.