Sean 'The Giant' O'Hagan lifts Louise & Eimear

Sean 'The Giant' O'Hagan (Ireland's strongest man) was in with Anton.So naturally he roped in Louise and Eimear to demonstrate his raw strength!

Posted by Today FM on Thursday, 31 March 2016

Watch Ireland's Strongest Man Demonstrate His Strength On Today FM Staff

We can confirm that he lifts

Ireland's strongest man was a guest on Today FM's The Anton Savage Show yesterday and as we all know, you can't have a strongman around and not ask him to lift something.

Sean 'The Giant' Hagan first displayed his strength by easily lifting a huge dumbbell, which Anton also managed to heft (with a bit more difficulty). Of course it's always more interesting to see people get lifted instead of inanimate objects, which is where Louise and Eimear came in... 

Watch Hagan in action in the clip above.

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