Bart Simpson - Is Maith Liom Techno

Dia duit, is mise Bart Simpson.Bart Simpson's original turbo techno banger, 'Is Maith Liom Techno'. Massive remake of a classic Irish listening tape. Yup nana

Posted by An Criú Craiceáilte on Friday, 25 March 2016

Watch This Irish Listening Exam-Inspired 'Techno Banger' About Bart Simpson

The hilarious 'Is Maith Liom Techno' has gotten over 200,000 views in three days

This is brilliant.

If you cast your mind back to secondary school Irish aural exams, you may have a vague memory of Bart Simpson making an appearance in one section. A band that named An Criú Craiceáilte decided to use that piece of audio in a tune called 'Is Maith Liom Techno' and the result was pure genius.

And here we thought we'd never get nostalgic for those listening tapes...

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