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06th Nov 2018

PICS: The Broke Student’s Guide To Getting Food In Dublin For Cheap

Darragh Berry

Being a student is the best of times and it is the worst of times.

Going off my own personal experiences, I used to cut corners on food in order to be able to afford a night out.


But you don’t need to neglect food for this reason anymore, instead, you just need to find a few places that offer cheap food that will still mean you’ll be able to go for a few bottles in town later on that night.

And that’s what we’re here to help you with:

Carvery Dinners:

When I first moved to Dublin as part of an internship, I lived off some of these dinners.

They’d serve as breakfast, lunch and dinner and I would have at least two a week.


Coppers‘ deal lasts from 12pm until 3 at €6 and the variety is always amazing.

As is Dicey’s, this is a snap of the first plate I ever got in there.

Diceys Food

All that food for just €5.

Green Bench Café does some serious soups, sandwiches and salads for €4 and €5 respectively.

The Ivy House in Drumcondra has a ‘3 Pint Pitcher & Wings for just €20’ while you can get a kg of wings in The Beer Market for €8.

The Woolshed Bar & Grill are notorious for doing deals such as ‘2 for 1 burgers’ and half price large wings which are just perfect for students.

It’s probably best to ring ahead of time just to see what night the deal is on as it varies.

Dublin Pizza Company offer Italian style pizzas and a drink for €10 with a student deal which is ideal if you’re looking for a big splash out.

Apache Pizza‘s small pizza, drink and chips deal for €5 between Monday and Thursday before 5.30pm is also a fan favourite.

And Pitt Bros‘ student deal just up the road is to die for. For less than a €10, you can get a main, drink and sides as well as a free ice-cream.

And on Monday’s Burritos in Burrito and Blues are just €5, a student’s dream while Little Ass Burrito Bar offers €6 on all burritos, tacos, boxes and quesadillas.

You can get similar deals at Boojum, Pablo Picante, Tolteca and most burrito places around town.

The Mongolian Barbeque has a very promising ‘all you can eat buffet’ for students but you need to get in touch with them for details (it’s normally around €14) on that but if that’s too much, they also do spicy chicken wings for less than €5.

You can also get ‘2-for-1’ meals on certain days in Wagamama to satisfy your Asian food needs and Captain Americas from Monday to Wednesday for burgers and chips.

Gourmet Burger Kitchen offers starters and burgers for less than €10 also.

CrackBird offers 50% off all food if you book a table for there on Mondays and they always have different student deals going on.

Crack Bird November Main

The Cat & Cage ‘+ pint’ deals are hard to resist: Wings & A Pint €12; Nachos & A Pint €12; Pizza and pint €14.

On Sundays, everything in 777 on South Great George’s Street offers meals for just €7.77. It also does Taco Tuesdays, 2 Tacos for just €6.

You’ve got your fix for lunch and/or dinner, but what about the most important meal of the day, breakfast.

In Lemon Crepe & Coffee Co, you can get french toast and bacon for just over €5 or if Pancakes are more your thing, Metro Cafe makes three buttermilk pancakes served with our honeyed butter and golden syrup for the same price.

You can find our full list of recommended places to get your pancakes fix here.

But, when it comes to breakfast, there’s only one thing that will get a student through the day: breakfast frys and rolls.

The price of this chicken fillet roll at DCU was scandalous at the beginning. So much to the point that it was boycotted.

The price has been knocked down to €3.75 but if you like your fillings, it’s going to go up and up.

The Centra at UCD is famous amongst college students for the auld chicken roll too and offers prices of €2.75.

King Fisher on parnell street offer a deluxe roll for €4 which includes: 2 sausage 2 rasher 1 egg 2 hash brown beans and white pudding.

Gammells and Hobart’s in Ranelagh are both renowned for their scrumptious and cheap breakfast rolls.

This breakfast roll + drink in Ger’s Deli in Ballyfermot is actually mouthwatering at just €5.

Gers Deli Roll

Image credit: Bite Size Dublin

Keogh’s Café has does a cracking full Irish breakfast for just over €8. It will sort you out if you’ve had an early start but a late night.

Keoghs Cafe Main

But Keogh’s isn’t the only place that does a proper full Irish for cheap as chips.

The Lovinspoon – €7.50 for ‘The Big One’

The Lovinspoon Dublin

Gerry’s Cafe ‘Large Breakfast’ – €9.50.

Gerrys Menu

Stage Door Café – Full Irish €9.95.

Stage Door Cafe Main

Cafe Sofia is very cheap, very quick and fecking delicious. Perfect for students on the go.

You can see pictures of the €8.50 fry here.

In Third Space, you can two of each for just over €8.

Third Space Full Irish

How Mochaland Cafe can do this for less than €8 is beyond us…

Mochland Cafe

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