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19th Sep 2023

Visitors promised ‘the world’s most spectacular selfie’ at Dublin’s new immersive exhibition

Emily Mullen

giant experience head central plaza

The all-new digital art experience opens in the Central Plaza on Wednesday, September 20th

A little slower than other cities when it comes to hosting cutting-edge events, Dublin has recently caught up with the international trend of immersive experiences the last while, fresh off the back of the FRIENDS Experience announcement yesterday and the Van Gogh immersive experience a couple of months back. This week the Central Plaza is primed for the launch of Giant Experience a digital art experience that allows visitors to “become a giant”, by uploading an image of themselves onto a giant head sculpture, resulting in the “world’s most spectacular selfie”.

Visitors will be scanned using Ireland’s only volumetric scanning theatre (in 3D), which will then be displayed on a four-metre-tall Giant Head. This scanner also produces a full-body “holographic avatar” of each visitor which can then be used to explore the multiverse.

Carrying on with the giant theme, the exhibition also includes tales of giants and giant slayers from Irish mythology and beyond.

The exhibition was created by the Dublin-based company The Giant Company, run by entrepreneur Paddy Dunning (behind the Wax Museum, Temple Bar Music Centre and the Button Factory).

Truly an event which could have never occurred a couple of years ago, the event promises the opportunity to “enter the world’s most advanced scanning theatre and travel to the 4th dimension”. No doubt geared towards a pretty online-engaged audience the experience boasts the ability to “become your avatar and prepare to be transported through the multiverse”.

Dunning has plans to bring another large-scale visitor attraction to the capital, having previously spoken to The Irish Times about plans to create a series of “giant” digital moving statues situated in stadiums, shopping centres, museums and other public spaces. These statues could reach 10 storeys high and would double up as visitor attractions.

Open to adults and kids over 7, the experience will be open 7 days a week from 10.00-19.00 each day for more info visit the website.

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