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20th Aug 2021

6 chic coffee spots to check out in Dublin 14 this weekend

Katy Thornton

If you didn’t ‘gram your coffee, did you even drink it?

One of the few positives of constant lockdowns was the influx of coffee pop up spots and the introduction of new trends that came with them. While other areas of hospitality struggled, coffee shops thrived and continue to do so well into this summer. While some of these cafés have been here for years, others appeared on the scene as lockdown was lifting. Each of these spots offer something unique and wonderful, and of course, a great cup of joe.

1. Community Coffee, Vietnamese Iced Coffees

Community Coffee has become an integral part of Dundrum, nestled into the longstanding Uncle Tom’s Cabin. The best part is their take on the Vietnamese iced coffee, which uses condensed milk instead of regular, and is well worth a try.

2. The Cosy Bean, Almond Croissants

If there’s something I take seriously, it’s almond croissants. The Cosy Bean has become a staple location in my routine, not only because it does a great coffee and iced hot chocolate (that’s right, an iced hot chocolate) but because of its many treats, which are baked onsite. Truly sensational.

3. Two Mugs, Early Morning Cuppa

Two Mugs popped up mid Lockdown 2.0 in November 2020, and quickly became popular with its early morning starts and decadent cookies. If you’re hoping for some rejuvenation after a late Saturday night, why not pop into Two Mugs on Sunday morning to bring you back to life.

4. Sam’s of Goatstown, Iced Mochas

Discovering Sam’s was possibly one of the few highlights of lockdown. This local coffee shop sells toasties, homemade baked goods, as well as coffee beans and greeting cards. I definitely recommend their iced mochas for something sweet. The staff are incredibly friendly and accommodating, and often on bank holidays the café closes to allow their lovely workers to rest up and enjoy some well deserved time off. Can’t recommend Sam’s enough.

5. Box’d, Dog-Friendly Café

Another lockdown born coffee place, and encompassing the oh so aesthetic shipping container chic, Box’d is located beside The Goat Pub. Known for their camo coffee cups (we do judge a coffee by its cup around here), this outdoor café is dog friendly and serves incredible coffee and food. We hope that Box’d is here to stay.

6. Thru The Green, Drive Through Coffee

If you’re off on a fun adventure this weekend and don’t have a lot of time to caffeine-up, look no further than Thru The Green. Thru The Green is the best spot for a quick coffee on the go, and a delicious coffee at that. Check out their opening hours here to not miss out on your caffeine fix.

Lead Image via Instagram/thecosybean

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