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20th Dec 2016

The 10 Best Irish Health Food Brands To Try Out This January


We are well and truly in the January ‘get healthy’ zone, a few more green juices and our livers will be restored to their former glory. While most people dread January, it’s a great time to get healthy as so many of your friends, family and colleagues will be doing the same, so support and motivation will be at an all time peak. Eating healthy has become much more fun with an increasing number health food brands selling delicious, healthy treats. Check out our top 10 Irish health food brands below, if these foods don’t put a pep in your step this January, we don’t know what will!

10. Lily’s Tea

This Louth based company makes the most incredible green tea blends as they source the highest quality leaves directly from the Fujian provence of China which is renowned for its superior quality tea. These beautifully delicate teas will keep you hydrated and pumped full of antioxidants. The ‘gunpowder’ tea is our favourite, it is incredibly light taste but flavoursome unlike the grassy tasting, mass produced kinds. They also sell matcha powder if you’re a fan!


9. Tara Hill Honey

Okay, I know honey is still a type of sugar but swapping regular sugar for raw honey has huge health benefits. Raw honey contains tonnes of vitamins, enzymes, antioxidants and nutrients that are destroyed in mass produced conventional honey during pasteurisation. As well as all that, raw honey is both antibacterial and antifungal (you’ll probably remember your parents feeding you honey and lemon drinks when you were sick as a tot for that very reason). Tara Hill honey can be bought in many independent health shops and delis, you’ll not only be supporting your immune system by using this, but a small Irish business too.


8. Goodness Grains

While many of us usually cut down on gluten in January, there’s no need to give up your beloved toast if you switch to Goodness Grains. This 100% gluten free bakery makes the most delicious breads that taste just as good as the real deal. This is a really easy swap to make to your diet.


7. Foods Of Athenry

We love the granolas that this company whip up, especially their Nutty Crunch granola which is free of sugar, wheat, gluten, yeast.. Pretty much all the bad stuff, while still tasting delicious. Their more recent addition, Cookie Shots, also hold a very special place in our hearts!


6. Stript Snacks

These beef snacks are perfect for gym goers, snackers or people hoping to increase their protein intake. These dehydrated beef pieces have a consistency similar to dried out parma ham, but thicker. Unlike many other similar products, these are free of sugar and each 30g pack contains a whopping 16g protein.


5. Superlife

Superlife is one of my favourite health food companies, their breakfast toppers make the perfect superfood boost to your morning porridge, muesli, yoghurt or smoothie. They also do green smoothie powder blends that are jam packed with antioxidants, enzymes, amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Before you know it your skin will be glowing and your energy will be endless!


4. Natasha’s Living Foods

We all need a treat every now and then, and Natasha’s Living Foods are the last word in health treats. The products are expensive but it’s due to them using the highest quality raw and organic ingredients that are super nutritious. My favourites are the mixed berry cashew cream cake and the cacao & coconut slice. Pure heaven!


3. Wyldsson

Wyldsson’s nut tubes are the handiest little snacks to keep in your handbag or pocket as a quick snack on the go. As well as being really healthy, they are absolutely delicious. Their peanut and seed butter with belgian chocolate chips has to be tried to be believed… Try not to eat it by the spoon straight from the tub like I do!


2. Nua Naturals

This is the best Irish superfood and natural food supplement brand around. They do pouches of raw cocao powder and nibs, maca powder, chorella, lacuma, bee pollen… Pretty much every healthy superfood you have ever heard of! They even do healthy hot chocolate mixes… Who said eating heatlhy had to be difficult?


1. Nobó

They wooed the expert panel of judges at our food start up award for a reason. This healthy ice cream made of coconut milk, honey, avocado and natural flavourings is 100 times nicer than regular ice cream and the taste from each different flavour is just incredible. I can’t decided which I prefer more, the coconut and vanilla ice cream or the lemon ice cream. There’s no way you can go through January without a treat, so enjoy one of these without the guilt!


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