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20th Dec 2016

The Top 10 Paleo Restaurants In Dublin


Whether you’re a full time paleo or not, you can’t deny that the trend of eating paleo foods has become increasingly popular. Many people who take up the diet become fanatical about it after experiencing health benefits such as weight loss and increased energy. However, paleos don’t always have the easiest time finding the best restaurants to eat out in. We decided to do all the hard work for you and put together the top 10 paleo restaurants in Dublin.

10. Kaph

Just because someone is Paleo, it doesn’t mean that they don’t enjoy a treat and a latte every now and then. A great spot is Kaph on Drury Street which can make lattes with coconut milk and sell a variety of paleo cakes. Clement & Pekoe on South William Street also sell a selection of paleo cakes to accompany their tasty coffees and teas.


9. Bison Bar

Okay while not perhaps the most saintly place for a feed, Bison Bar on Wellington Quay is darn tasty. You’re essentially eating a plate of meat which will please many paleos, the pulled pork and the brisket are our favourite items on the menu. Get it with a side of chips and you’re laughing!


8. Duck

Duck, the Hong Kong BBQ on Fade Street, is a great spot for paleos looking for something different. All the meats are cooked in a traditional bullet oven meaning you can expect crispy skins and succulent meat. The crispy pork belly and cantonese duck are amazing, get one of them with a side of asian greens and you won’t spoil your paleo diet one bit.


7. Crackbird

The obvious choices at Crackbird for paleos are the roast chicken and the habanero honey wings, but the red cabbage, pomegranate and lime salad with the lemon garlic chicken broquettes is truly mouth watering! You can get the carrots and cranberry or the baked potato as a side. Pure heaven.


6. Counter Burger

Trying to go paleo but still hanging for a burger? Try Counter Burger in either their Dundrum or Suffolk Street locations. Here you can get their ‘nude’ burgers in a bowl with a side order of sweet potato fries. There’s loads of different varieties of burger toppings to choose from so you won’t leave feeling deprived.


5. KC Peaches

If you’re looking for an easy, quick lunch that’s paleo friendly then look no further than KC Peaches. With locations all around the city centre, they provide many healthy options and you can pick and choose your ideal lunch.


4. Mongolian BBQ

This restaurant in Temple Bar is a great spot for a paleos. Choose your preferred meat or fish, vegetables, herbs, spices and sauces and then watch one of the chefs fry it all up in front of you. Not only is this delicious, but the novelty factor will definitely keep you entertained.


3. Staple Foods

A firm favourite around the city for healthy options, paleos can let loose in Staple Foods as there is so much on offer. We’re huge fans of the salads but we hear their range of stews are similarly delicious.


2. Rustic Stone

Rustic Stone on Georges Street is a favourite restaurant of many health conscious foodies in the city. Cook your own piece of steak or fish on a sizzling hot stone at your table and choose from a huge range of sides to accompany your main. You definitely won’t feel like you’re on a diet in here.


1. Bear

I adore this place so much because the food is phenomenal and everything is very reasonably priced too. One of the best meals I’ve had out in Dublin has been while destroying a platter of the London broil steak with friends. Order the green bean and egg salad and the garlic spinach as sides, paleo friendly and you’ll feel like you’ve indulged just as much as your wheat eating friends!


If you have any favourite paleo friendly restaurants there were not mentioned above, please share them in the comments section below. If you liked this article then check out The 10 Healthiest Cafés And Delis in Dublin.

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